Trading Law and Lawsuits in Turkey


(Unfair competition, trading law, actions of debt, execution in general)

Turkey is the economic center of the Balkans, Middle East, Caucasia, Central Asia due to its geographical position and cultural features.

Population of Turkey is approximately 75 million and it entertains 40 million tourists in a year.

Turkey is among the top 15 countries of the World with its trading market size and economy.

Per capita income is above 10 thousand Dollars in Turkey.

The Turkish economy has material investments in the textile, food and automotive sectors in particular.

Turkey encourages foreign capital investments.

Many international firms have production centers in Turkey.

It is inevitable to experience administrative and legal problem in every place of trade. The Turkish Law system and Laws are consistent with the European Union Legislation.

The articles of the Turkish Trading Law are very similar to the trading law articles and logic understanding of the Land European countries (Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy).

The attorneys working for our office are experienced in transactions of the foreign capital companies operating in our country, their agreements with the Turkish enterprises and settlement of disputes in particular.

Our office closely monitors changes and developments in the Turkish Trading Law and provides all kinds of legal service likely to be required by its clients in the scope of the trading law.

Primary Issues on which we provide service in the scope of the Trading Law:

Company foundation and recommendations,

Company merger and acquisition,

Commercial contracts and transactions,

Franchise &  Distributorship Contracts,

Commercial Debt & Claims Actions and Debt & executive proceedings,

Unfair Competition Cases,

Trademark, Patent, Design Cases,

Internet publication & electronic trade Cases,

Logistics & Transportation Cases,

Real Estate and Construction Cases  (* Attorney Murat Eltutan is the founding chairman and still acts as the chairman of ADILDER which is the first Urban Transformation Association of Turkey.

It has many publications and interviews in many national and international magazines, gazettes, TV, Radios dealing with real estate and urban transformation practices and law in Turkey.

The association is known in the administrative authorities due to its activities and has a substantial experience.)