Trademark Search Report in Turkey


Trademark registration process lasts approximately 1 year in Turkey. It constitutes a big risk to use the trademark in the process of registration because if the application for registration is rejected, your trademark may remain without protection.

It is essential for the trademark intended to be registered to be examined by a specialist in detail in terms of similarity and registration criteria before the application to avoid a reply of rejection of the trademark application.

It possible to avoid investment in trademarks by detecting any trademarks which has a low registration possibility or without such possibility after the trademark registration search.

For the trademark search, it is primarily required to determine the trademark and fully and accurately determine the goods or services on which the trademark shall be used.

The Trademark and Patent Attorneys, who shall carry out the Trademark Similarity Search, must be able to anticipate the trademark applications accepted and rejected by the TPE with their knowledge, technical knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, they must be sincere and reliable!


Searches conducted by the International Patent Firms, which do not know the Turkish Law and TPE Practice, become incorrect BECAUSE;


- trademark search requires knowledge and experience. The Turkish Law and TPE practices must be known well. Naturally, searches conducted by the firms with different knowledge and experience are different.

- A BETTER RESULT IS OBTAINED IF THE SEARCH IS CONDUCTED BY A REPRESENTATIVE KNOWING TURKISH (For instance: When a search is made for the Trademark CHARISMA, such programs may issue eligibility report but when we search as KARIZMA considering its Turkish the trademark is not found eligible for registration.)

- The trademark search requires technological infrastructure, however many searches are made only on the TPE website resulting in incomplete examination and mistakes.

- Our office uses the Turkish Programs which are consistent with the TPE and are up-to-date in searches. If required, the authorized persons from the TPE are called and information is obtained personally.

- Each trademark which is not found eligible for registration and negatively reported is perceived as a loss of profit for the patent firm; however, each client who is honestly treated must be considered as a permanent client for the future.

- Qualification of the person to perform the examination is important because a marketing employee or trademark specialist, working under a premium procedure, may take more risk and ignore certain trademark rejection criteria. All searches by our Office are performed by the Trademark and Patent Attorneys!

Trademarks are not rejected only due to similarity with the trademarks registered with the TPE; they may also be rejected by considering different criteria, even by considering objections filed at the stage of publication.

Therefore, it is essential for a proper search to report all details about the trademark desired to be searched to the patent firm!

Each information, which is not disclosed to the patent firm, is a potential reason for rejection. The Trademark Selection Story is also important.


Although no preliminary trademark search is definitely precise and accurate, searches properly conducted by a specialist may prevent unnecessary trademark application and investment in the trademark. The final decision about the application is made by the TPE!

Eltutan Patent carries out trademark registration search through the knowledge and experience, technical knowledge, gained by it since 1997, and its specialized trademark and patent attorneys.