Law and Cases of Other Intellectual Rights in Turkey


In Turkey, there are detailed legal regulations for each field of the intellectual and industrial rights.

There are Trademark Law, Patent Law, Design Law as well as Copyright Law, Geographical Indication Law.

Intellectual works / products fall in the copyright law.

If a foreign work and its owner is not represented in Turkey, use or reproduction of this work without paying its copyright is encountered frequently.

Unauthorized use of foreign literature, music, cinema, graphics, photograph works is very common in Turkey. The primary reason of that is non-representation of foreign works and owners of works have no representative in Turkey or insufficiency of the existing representative.

The Turkish Agencies are insufficient and unwilling in protection of rights of the work owner.

The Turkish agencies may not conduct an efficient legal struggle against imitators and violators against violations of works.

The reason is that they do not desire to do it due to the high attorney's fee, court expenses etc.

Malevolent persons who know this situation copy the works represented by ineffective agencies.

 Our Patent & Law office also provides agency service through the company titled “Copyright & Intellectual Property” founded by Attorney Murat Eltutan.

The difference of our service is the dissuasive measures against imitators by active participation and support of the most efficient and equipped lawyers of Turkey in the field of copyright and trading law.

It is required for Attorneys to know the actual practice and legislation to get a positive result in any copyright actions to be brought in Turkey.

Our Law & Patent Office has been providing an Attorney and Consultant service in the Copyright Lawsuits since 1997.