Patent Registration in Turkey

Inventions and discoveries must be registered to legally protect their production and working properties and own their proprietary rights.

Registration of your invention out of Turkey does not provide legal protection in Turkey.

Patent registration provides protection only for the country / countries where they are registered.

You must make registration with the TPE for legal protection in Turkey.

Patent registration lasts nearly 2 years in Turkey and it is required to fully conduct the patent procedures in the TPE in this process.

There must not be any mistake and delay in the correspondence with the TPE; otherwise the patent application is rejected.

Problems occur in the Patent applications which are not carried out with a Turkish attorney and are realized by the WIPO and International application methods;

- Patent Applications are incomplete without knowing the Turkish Law and TPE practice and cause loss of right,

- There are usually mistakes in the applications made without knowing Turkish,

- If the patent application is rejected or objected, it is required to hire a Turkish Attorney,

- The periods of depositing fee, objection and defence are different and extremely short in the TPE. Any procedures which are not performed timely are not accepted and the patent application is rejected.  

- International correspondence prolongs the registration process,

- Disputes occur in notifications due to correspondence with the international authorities. The patent annual renewal periods are breached frequently.

- Patent registration cost increases,

Our office also intensively works in the field of medicine patents, Cosmetics Patents, Medical device patents and law requiring specialization.

It has experience especially in legal disputes between international pharmaceutical firms and domestic pharmaceutical firms.

Registration applications must be made by patent representatives who are attorneys.

Our office makes all applications in line with evaluations of the engineers and legal professionals and after approval of the client.

We provide service in the field of trademark, patent, design registration and law with our experience of more than 10.000 references with whom we share the customer satisfaction since 1997.