Design Registration in Turkey

It is obligatory to register a design for legal protection and proprietary rights.

Registration of designs out of Turkey does not provide legal protection in Turkey.

Registration of design provides protection only for the countries of registration.

You must register the design with the TPE for legal protection in Turkey.

Design registration lasts approximately 1 year in Turkey and the patent procedures must be completely carried out in the TPE in this process.

There must not be a mistake and delay must in the correspondence with the TPE; otherwise the design application is rejected.

Problems occur in the design applications which are not carried out with a Turkish attorney and are realized by the WIPO and International application methods;

- Design Applications are incomplete without knowing the Turkish Law and TPE practice and cause loss of right,

- There are usually mistakes in the applications made without knowing Turkish,

- If the design application is rejected or objected, it is required to hire a Turkish Attorney,

- The periods of depositing fee, objection and defence are different and extremely short in the TPE. Any procedures which are not performed timely are not accepted and the design application is rejected.

- The registration process is prolonged due to international correspondence,

- Disputes occur in notifications due to correspondence with the international authorities. 5-year renewal periods are breached frequently.

- The design registration cost increases,

Our office completes all designs with completed documents on the same day. Our trademark and patent Attorneys personally monitor the designs for which an application is submitted.  

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