Manufacturing Contracts and Their Monitoring in Turkey


Contract manufacturing is performed by a firm having another manufacturing firm produce the products in line with its demands.

Trademark of the product usually belongs to the firm having another make the manufacturing in the contract manufacturing with exceptional situations encountered.

Thanks to the contract manufacturing, the parties concentrate in the fields specialized by them and are relieved from working for the fields out of their business frameworks.

Turkey is one of the preferred contract manufacturing centers due to its developing economy and product quality. The contract manufacturing concentrates on the textile, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, chemistry and automotive industry fields in particular.

As per the Turkish law, there are also some form conditions in the contract manufacturing contracts! In addition, the contract manufacturing contracts must be drafted in a clear, net and understandable manner without causing any dispute.

Manufacturing must be monitored during the entire process!

Our Patent and Law Office also provides service for drafting the contract manufacturing contract and monitoring application of the contract.